Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dining in Bangkok

I came halfway around the world because I love Thai food.


The mission projects I serve on take me to Cambodia and Vietnam. I chose to begin and end my journey in Thailand solely to eat sumptuously of the most  authentic Thai food in the world.

So,  here I am, sitting on  the hotel veranda, awaiting my first taste of Thailand.

Here it comes.

Andi I  am shocked.

My authentic Thai breakfast is, well, unlike any food I have ever eaten. My courteous innkeeper (he calls me Mrs. Madame) serves up his best impression  of an American breakfast: two fried-to-the-death eggs, a slice of lunch meat (ham?), toasted Wonderbread and two uncooked mystery-meat hot dogs.

And instant coffee. And Tang. Remember Tang?

My innkeeper and two friends  dine two tables away. I glance at their plates. And salivate. Rice. Peas and either fish or potatoes swimming in a green gavy-thick sauce. Probably curry.

Envy colors my moment.

I get a second cup of instant coffee (better than the first). And realize my innkeeper served his best impression of  authentic American food to satisfy his American guest.

His authentic kindness and courtesy replace my need for the food. And I feel blessed. And then plan to eat elsewhere tomorrow.

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