Monday, February 16, 2015

Beautiful Cambodia

Life is familiar yet different here in Cambodia.  In this tourist town of Siem Reap, the people  speak English and spend US dollars. However,  they also speak Khmer and accept Reil, traditional Cambodian currency.

People love their dogs, but not as pets. They guard their homes. Not from other people, but from ghosts.

These are  a very superstitious people.

The town percolates with cars, buses, motorbikes and tuk-tuks scramble shoulder to shoulder, four across on a two-lane road. With no road rage.

Most of the people are young, 35 and younger. And they hold their elders, what few there are, in high regard. In a place of honor.

Beautiful Cambodia's people smile a lot at me. And bow. They engage with me as a person of importance. They lost an entire generation -- the one that would be the grandparents --to genocide, starvation, revolution and war.

So they honor the aged. At 60, I am old to these people. And the show me much love and respect.

I am so honored. Thank you, beautiful Cambodia.

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