Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Been There, Done that

I find a Web site ( that says in Littlefield, Texas, there's a free campground. We can stay for free, up to four nights, with free elecricity and free water. Free.

And what a fun name: The Waylon Jennings RV Park. Waylon's Littlefield's famous son.

The only drawback is it's pretty much in the nowhere of Texas, off the beaten path, up northwest aways from Brady on secondary roads. So, it'll take a while to get there. But we don't care. We're not in a hurry. And we love going where we've never been.

So we head northwest, through unfamiliar hills, valleys, mesas, cotton fields, cattle ranches. Pure Texas.
And we get hungry. Out here in our new nowhere. But we don't want to cook. So I ask our GPS to find the nearest eatery and it does, a McDonald's, 26 miles away. Straight ahead.

So we drive on and, finally, turn off the secondary road onto a tertiary road to get our fast food.

And we drive smack into a familiar place, Post, Texas, a town carved into the middle of a Texas nowhere in 1907 by the cereal magnate C.W. Post. But, more personally, it's a town we visited in 2007 on our maiden winter journey in our then new motorhome.

A small world.

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