Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Could This Be More Unreal?

This continues my blog from yesterday.

Today we are to head to St. Mary, MT, where we have reservations for four nights in Glacier National Park.

I wake up and find this on the news:

"Law enforcement officials have gathered near St. Mary and East Glacier as they continue searching for escaped Arizona fugitive John McCluskey and the woman who allegedly helped him escape, Casslyn Welch." 

The Welch woman was spotted in St. Mary.

They are there. Where we are to be.


So we do not go. That way, anyway.

 Instead, we proceed with caution, forfeit some money  and head west instead of north. 


Linda said...

Argh, indeed! I would change my destination very quickly. These are not people you want to meet. And your View would make a good getaway vehicle. I prefer you use it to get away. Please, stay in touch to let us know you are OK.

Julie and Lisa said...

I'm behind on blog reading, but I had wondered if any of the V/Ners were out in the West during this horrible fugitive episode. So glad that's over and you're OK!