Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can't Never Did Anything

We know Louie and Carolyn are here because of the sign taped inside the windshield of their Pursuit motor home:  "For handmade cards, see Carolyn." They were here last year when we visited; and we're thrilled to see them again.

"Here" is Padre Island National Seashore, the land the sun forgot about. And their Pursuit is my escape from the cold, rain and wind outside. It's the kind of weather that shoves sand in your ears and reaches inside to rattle your bones and steal your breath.

But inside the Pursuit, it's warm and dry. No wind. And it's big. There's a couch. My motor home (a Navion) has everything I  need, but a couch. So I sit on Carolyn's couch while she sits at the dinette. We talk. Then she invites me to the dinette to make cards.



Not exactly an obvious match. I don't do crafts. I can't. Then I hear my mother's voice in my head: "Can't never did anything."  I acquiesce. And, anyway. Carolyn's a friend and so eager to share her passion with me. I move to the dinette.

In a flurry, she pulls out papers, bling, stamps, presses, glue pens, glue sticks, ribbons, bows. Knives, scissors, magazines, die cuts, stamp pads (in various colors.) Overwhelming.

Carolyn's a pro and talks me through all of my decisions. I make two cards (shown above) and am spent. Exhausted. Neither card looks professional: smeared ink, skewed paper, missing bling, etc.

But I Made Them.

And I Am So Proud.


Linda said...

You have a right to be proud. They're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I think your cards are great! Love Mom's words that encouraged you to make them.