Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the road again ...

Today is Day One of another adventure.

We're heading to Seattle from Syracuse for Christmas, New Year's and a
few birthdays, then on to Death Valley, CA, maybe Quartzite, AZ, then
Padre Island in southeastern Texas. We also plan to touch base with
family in Florida at some point.

What this means is there's a lot of driving. Well, I do lots of
riding. So, unlike for adventures of the past, I lined up a few things
to do while I ride.

Today is Day One and I've done them all.

Well, I haven't completed them all. Just DONE them all.

I've finished off a few crossword puzzles, read a few pages of my
book, pulled out my needlework (cross-stitching two pillow cases),
napped, snacked on apples, grapes and cheese, and listened to "City of
a fabulous Christmas present from our friend, Tom. Thank you,

I've played a few online games and read through the news. I tried and
failed to install a map on my blog that I found on another blog. So I
spent time reading other blogs.

Now I'm playing more games.

OK. Only about 3,600 miles to go to Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels. Godspeed. :-)

Linda said...

Welcome back. It's good to hear from you. It sounds like a lovely, long trip so I'm looking forward to lots of good blog reading.

We're thinking about Quartzsite, too. If all us thinkers go, we could have a good group. :)

Laura said...

Hurray! You're back!
I'm looking forward to tagging along. Sounds like a great trip - but, really, any place you write about becomes interesting. :)

Nancy K said...

Thank you all SO much. Turns my cheeks pink.

Celeste Geist said...

GOD speed Nancy and Al.

Celeste Geist said...

Good Morning!
Hope you had a beautiful sleep.
Have a good day on the road.
Looking forward to your next post.