Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Pound of Whose Flesh?

I should have learned my lesson. The last time I left Allen alone, he
and his brother, Bob, spent $300 on a small Netbook computer.

Today, I left Allen alone again. The bill: $1,000.

Here's what happened:

Instead of going in with me, Allen drops me off at the Riverwalk Feed
and Seed store in Petaluma, CA, because there's no place to park Otto
(our 24-foot Navion). I hop out to buy dog food.

Inside this warehouse of organic pet and farm supplies, the help wear
natural wool hats and scarves (it's California cold, about 50) and use
cotton cloths, not wasteful paper towels, to scrub the shelves.

I hurry about to find the dog food we need (Wysong), then head to the
treat aisle. That's where the prices stagger me: $12.49 for three
stick-like chewies made from a bull. What part? The gold nose ring?

The sales clerk won't tell me what part (her eyes twinkle, though),
but says doggies love them. And, yes, they take a long time to chew
them up.

I HATE spending money, but I cracked. Why not?  We've
saved a lot on this vacation, so I can splurge on the dogs. I find
smaller bull treats ($6 for two), pay my bill and leave. Feeling a bit
poorer, but satisfied.

Here's when life got very expensive.

While I was inside spending $60 on dog food and treats, Allen was
outside ripping the left front headlight off a parked car, using our
motor home as the wrench.

It's really not that funny. An on-coming car was crowding the roadway
and Allen veered too far to the right, nailing the parked car.

That parked car could have been a rusting-out Ford. Or perhaps a

But, no. It was a Lexus.

That's right. Our Otto  took the lights out of a Lexus.

Thank goodness insurance will cover the luxury car's damage. But Otto
gave up enough of his own flesh to warrant a visit to the shop.
That'll cost about $1,000.

But we're OK. The doggies felt nothing. And Allen is fine.

I'll survive the sticker shock. And will NOT leave Allen alone again.


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