Sunday, February 15, 2009

Queen For A Day

My dogs smell like dog parks. Ever smell a dog park? Awful. Just awful. So, I need to scrub 'em down. But how?

Otto's shower stall might work, but even with begging, cajoling and tugging, I can't get them in there (well, they really can't get past ME to get in there. It's a small area.). We have a hose outside, but it's  short and these dogs are tall.

Most groomers are closed on Sunday. And anyway, I don't want to pay $50 per dog to have someone else wash and brush. I, therefore, need a place I can do it myself. 

I Google "self-serve dog wash fort walton beach fl" and find U Scrub A Pup. What a great name! I use my GPS on the address (the business is in a town with a girl's name, Mary Esther), and find it's an hour away. I sniff the dogs. I can drive an hour in beach country. No problem.

I tug on some ratty clothes and load up the dogs for their day at the salon.

I wish I had dressed better.

From the minute we enter the door, we are treated like royalty. The place is spit-shined (not a dog hair in sight!) and smells divine (no wet doggy smell at all).. It has a little picket fence inside and stainless steel wall tubs with steps for the bigger dogs. I am personally fitted for an apron of my choice -- fluorescent pink, green, yellow or blue and I'll bet there's a designer label inside (I choose pink) -- so my ratty clothes stay dry.

The owner waits on me throughout the process. He starts the water and holds the wand back from me until the water reaches a perfect, comfortable 97 degrees. The shampoo is all natural, with a hint of watermelon. A second shampoo is tearless, so I am to use it on their heads and ears. He refills the shampoo bottles the moment I empty them. Did he just call me Madame? My Lady?

I'm offered an endless supply of shampoo and water and, once the scrubbing is over, I'm plied with soft, white towels to dry them off, making the blow drying faster.

By the time I finish brushing and drying, the boys look splendid. And everyone gushes.

I feel special. I really do. Even in my ratty clothes. Have I sprouted a crown?

Before we leave, we pay $37 (pennies compared to how rich I feel!), and then the owner asks us to pose for a picture for his dog wall (above). 

But, of course!

So soon Jake, Josh and I will adorn that wall alongside all the other princes and princesses, kings and queens of U Scrub A Pup.


Liverpool Community said...

Hi Nance, I love your stories and you are very good at telling them. This one confused me a little, as some of the text was behind the little decorative dots. Could you fix that so I can find out what you had sprouted? Love you (& Al, too) Hugs, S

Nancy K said...

I can't fix the dots. :(

But I can tell you I sprouted a crown. :)