Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pay Back Days

My yesterday is the anthesis of my today.

Yesterday, I cuddled up in a lounge chair and merged with a good book  outside my motor home. I unfolded briefly to get water, then returned
to my literary world of intrigue, starring Clint Eastwood.

You see, I'm reading Michael Connelly's "Blood Work." It's an old
title, first published 11 years ago. Later, Clint starred in a
movie made from the book. I knew that. But, I never saw the movie.
Even so, as I read, I hear Clint's voice. See his face. Watch him
squint as only Clint can squint. (Anyone remember Rowdy?)

I got "Blood Work" in a swap at Padre Island National Seashore.

I've learned that book swapping is part of RV culture. I find
unattended small stacks of books in RV park bathrooms or laundry
rooms. All are up for trade. My in-laws, hosts at Jonathan Dickinson
State Park in Florida, stock a stack at their park with Christian books.

In brief, I give a book, I get a book.

So, yesterday, I spent the day immersed in a fair trade book.

Today, reality drags me to the laundromat, the dog groomers, the cleaners, the grocery store, the pharmacy.

I package up food, stow away winter clothes (it's in the 70s, ahhh), change the bed linens and clean out the motor home's water system.

While I accomplish a lot and feel pretty good about ending my day with a great dinner at a waterfront restaurant near West Palm Beach, I miss Clint.

His voice is gone.

He's been replaced by Paul McCartney and his mournful:

"Oh, I believe in yesterday ..."

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