Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank God For Girlfriends

I really miss worshipping at Liverpool Community Church near Syracuse, NY. While we travel, we listen to podcasts of the service, but it's not the same as
being there.

And today I miss being there, for many reasons, a huge one being my
girlfriends. I miss my girlfriends. I miss our lunches, our gab time,
our down time. Especially today, I miss my girlfriend Lin. She leads a
Wednesday morning Bible study I enjoy and together we like to scout
out bargains at yard sales and thrift stores.

I told God how much I missed my girlfriends today. So, he put a new
one in my path. Shirley.

Shirley and her husband volunteer here at Padre National Seashore for
three months every year. They work three days, then play for four.
They live in Michigan the rest of the year.

Shirley's invited me to visit her at the Visitor's Center on Tuesday
so I can meet a wildlife photographer who has published several books.
And, guess what. Shirley loves to hunt down bargains at yard sales and
thrift stores.

We plan to go on Friday.

Yes. I miss worshipping at Liverpool Community Church; but, God
listens to me wherever I am. And, he answers, wherever I am.