Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes, He's Right

Allen cringes when I do things like grab a butter knife to tighten a
door knob screw. "There's a tool for every job!" he bellows.

So when I want to use the motor home's awning, I bow to Allen's credo
and go in search of the special "tool" he uses to crank it out. But,
I can't find it. And because he's soaking up the Texas sun way out
there on the beach, I can't ask him for help.

I stand perplexed. What to do? I want the awning extended. I look
around. Aha! I grab an awning crank "butter knife," which is really a
long door hook that fits perfectly in the awning's turning slot. Well,
almost perfectly.

With each rotation, I crank out the awning by inches, but I also lift
pieces of the awning's plastic base ever so slightly. Oh, no problem,

Well, we get to meet neighbor Dave (see the pic), who lives on an
island in the St. Lawrence, because he offers to help Allen, who has
returned from the beach and is now trying to fix the awning.

Evidently I broke it with the "butter knife."

Which wouldn't have happened if I had used the right tool for the job.

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