Thursday, January 29, 2009

Say Cheese!

We slip unnoticed through a police surveillance net swept over a road
in New Orleans to catch vehicles with expired registration stickers.

But when we turn the corner, we begin to hear it. Snap snap snap. The
sound imitates an old-fashioned camera shutter. One, two three, four,
continuously the sound repeats itself, like a sports photographer
capturing the big lay up.

I turn my ear toward the dash. It sounds loud. I stand up toward where
I store my camera. The sound fades. I bend toward the floor; it gets

We are convinced our Tom Tom GPS is signaling us that police have us
in their radar. That they saw us after all and want to track us down.

No. Our registration is fine. Our inspecton is fine. Why is the GPS
sending that camera-like signal?

Well, it's not. We turn the Tom Tom off and the signal continues. Snap
snap snap. Snap snap snap. I'm like a hound dog on the hunt.

AHA! I catch it.

Our cell phone slid down in the corner of the sun visor pocket and got
stuck, with the camera button stuck on.

I rescue the cell. The snapping stops. I now know what the inside
of our sun visor looks like. Dark.

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