Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Newfound Friends

Yesterday, a stranger walked into our camp site and invited us to a
fish fry down by his "tomorrow at 3, and bring a dish to pass."

Today, we dine at that fish fry, and we are no longer strangers. With
him, his name is George, his wife, Cindy, and with a a few dozen
others campers here at Padre Island National Seashore.

Let me introduce you to a few:

* Lou and his wife, Carolyn, are from Minnesota, where they are very active with
the local Moose Lodge. They travel with their two cats, Missy and Max,
both rescues.

* The couple right next door travel 180 days a year. And in March, they
head back to Africa for their fourth tour there, this time to Namibia.

* A German couple floated their motor home across the ocean (well,
booked passage on a steamer) for a year-long journey through the
United States. They leave from Baltimore to return home in April.

* A French Canadian couple from a small town north of Montreal traveled
all the way to Albany before discovering one of their cats was a motor-
home stowaway. They had to fly her back home.

* And, finally, Cindy and George spend weeks here each winter because
he loves to fish. The fry at their place today is the fourth so far
this season.

The stories are many, varied and grand.

We now have many friends in this southeastern section of Texas. See
the picture? Wave back at 'em. They are good people.


Tory Casey said...

Nancy, I really enjoyed reading about the other campers. What an interesting group!!

alerts said...