Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lip Service

To get a smile, give a smile.

Waiting in line at the Oak Ridge, TN, Post Office compares to most
other post office delays.

The long, long line shuffles slowly toward the counter where two
instead of four over-worked postal clerks manage packages, stamps and
confusing questions about various kinds of insurance, delivery options
and supplies.

I need supplies. I am mailing home my garage door opener (my house
sitter HAS to be able to get in and out, right?) and a special mug to
my sister. Included in my arms at this point is a roll of tape I
really don't want, but the Post Office no longer provides the 9 to 10
inches of tape I need to close my box. Instead, I have to buy a whole
roll of it.

So, I am standing in line, grumbling and shuffling. Waiting. Shuffling
and waiting. I grumble. A very short, very old lady behind me pokes
her head into my line of sight and chirps: "But it is mighty fine
tape. The best you will ever find."

"Oh, it's that good?" I had to be pleasant because she was just so cute.

"Oh yes." Her eyes twinkle. She grins. "Why, I got a piece stuck to
my lip and it ripped my skin off."

I'm sorry, but I start to laugh. She grins and twinkles the entire
time she discusses her lip ripping incident.

"How did you tape your lip?" I just had to ask.

"Of, well, you see, I was wrapping Christmas presents and started to
sing and just got caught up in the moment."

Again, I laugh. But this time so does she and so do a handful of
others standing in line.

After the laugh, we are all smiling. And we are still waiting in line
at the Post Office.

Imagine that. This dear old lady with her ripped lip gave away one
smile and got six or seven back.


Amber Suriani said...

Dare ya to stick a strip on your lip and see if it rips YOUR skin off!!

Nancy K said...

This lady was very, very, very old. Her skin was so thin, so translucent, it looked more blue than peach. I'll bet anything even a sticky note could rip right through her!