Friday, January 30, 2009

A Juxta Pose

I took a lot of pictures today.

As I download my memories, I see people I've talked to, places I've
visited and random images I captured without leaving the passenger's
seat in the motor home.

It's one of these drive-by pictures that takes me by surprise.

It's of the USS Alabama battleship (some call it the Hero of the
Pacific) at home in Battleship Park in Mobile (Alabama) Bay.

I snapped the picture as we drove over a high arching bridge
overlooking the park. I didn't see what my camera saw.

Look at the picture. Do you see it, too? Do you see a mighty
battleship moored to a tranquil setting? The picture is lovely, making
the whole scene disquieting. I'm looking at a war machine decorated
with telephone wires, palm trees, cars and, in the bottom of the
scene, a gentle little wooden dock outstretched into a pond-like

It's a visual "War and Peace." But still, it's just a picture, one of
the many I took today.

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