Thursday, January 8, 2009

I kneel before the King

I never thought I'd use the words Graceland and tasteful together.
But, here I go: Graceland offers a tasteful encounter with Elvis

We arrive late in the day on Elvis' 74th birthday expecting Honkey
Tonk Blues glitz and glamour. Instead, we find a gracefully aging icon
of America's past withstanding a steady flow of visitors, all wearing
headsets with a recorded tour, often words from Elvis himself.

The glitz identified with Elvis -- his flamboyant stage costumes and
gazillion gold records and other awards -- presents itself in an
historic timeline, not an in-your-face display of garrish wealth.
Graceland is no beacon of big bucks. It's a modest mansion, where
America's only King sought refuge from his own popularity.

The visual presentation of Elvis omits his final decay, tastefully.
Those images do not define him. The ones on display do. So as we leave
Graceland, we pause for a moment at Elvis' grave and remember the
sexy man with the swivel hips, the sultry stare and the velvet
baritone that rocked a nation off its socks.

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