Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Our Groove Back

We spend the day shedding winter in increments. 

First, we shiver and trot out the A.M. dog walk in Harrisburg (both bundled in multiple layers). By lunch, we are meandering around Falling Waters, WV, minus all but one layer. Then, a few hours later inside the Shenandoah Mountains, we (the doggies and I) are sitting on the ground watching Allen drain off extra oil Otto didn't like (see pic ... that's our dish pan he's ruining.) Nobody is cold anymore. Ahhhh.

So we're flexible again. On a whim, we leave the highway to explore the Shenandoah Mountains on the famed Skyline Drive. Tomorrow or the next day or the next, we might try Graceland. Who knows?



Chris S. said...

Can't wait to hear about all the adventures! BTW, can't see the pic in the post, something is broken :-)

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