Saturday, January 3, 2009

And we're off!

The fridge is cleaned out, pulled out, turned off. The stove, idem.
The bird, the plants nestled away with sitters. The dogs in the motor
home. The final bag packed.

We're off. Heading down I-81 toward the sun.

Before leaving, it took seven of us (neighbors and friends) to figure
out the Even Brake towing system for our Saturn, which is on permanent
tailgate behind us. It's too darn cold (22 F) to get out and take of
picture of the real set up. So, here's a Web pic of the brake droid that's
now sitting on the floor of the driver's seat of our car. It shoves the car brakes when Otto brakes. Copy cat.

Lingo lesson: A car towed by a motor home is called, ahem, a toad. :)


ron560 said...

Good luck on your trip. Watch out for the trucks on I-81. Honk when you go through Harrisonburg, Va. (probably already have by now)

jacker said...

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