Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jacob anoints our adventure

We get a slow start to our adventure, ambling no further than
Smithfield (just outside Rocky Mount), NC, for our second evening,
then on to James Island, SC, for our third.

James Island has this great dog park that is an island itself. Jacob
loves to swim after tennis balls more than play with other dogs. We
think he's worn out.

No so.

When we return to Circle W (our Wal-Mart parking lot camp site), Jacob
pushes the screen door open and BOTH DOGS escape. Joshua returns with
our first plea. Good dog.

Jacob, however, is out past the tree line, into the road and out of
sight in a blink. Bad dog.

Allen takes off running, I return to Otto to secure Joshua, grab my
shoes and a leash, then I pursue, too.

About a quarter mile away, I can see Allen (on the other side of a
stinky moat) pleading, his hands stretched upward and outward. Ah! He
must see Jacob!

I call "Jacob!" Nothing, "Jacob!" Nothing. Then, I sit on the ground.
"JACOB, COME!" AND HE COMES TO ME, wagging his tail, stinky (he
enjoyed that moat), goofy, just so happy to see me. Urghhh.
Frustrating dog. But, unharmed dog.

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