Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Jacob day

We visit Inlet State Park in Ft. Pierce, FL, to give the dogs a
chance to enjoy the beach.

Jacob enjoys himself a bit too much.

On a nature hike, he finds a rather large animal hole in the ground
and LUNGES into it, up to his shoulders (despite the poison-ivy ground
cover) to "play" with whomever is home (probably an armadillo).

On the way back to Otto for a scrub down (to get rid of the poison
ivy), he encounters an 18-inch tortoise and is STARTLED when the
critter tucks in his head and legs. Jacob barks and barks, then flops
down on all fours and CRAWLS up to nose around where the head used to
be. (Pause .... do tortoise bite?)

Then, after the bath, we head to the beach, discover dogs ARE NOT
allowed, so we leave them behind in an air-conditioned Otto.

Jacob lays in wait. When we return, he leaps out of Otto and, once
again, takes off. This time he races around the parking lot, gallops
down a wooden boardwalk toward the beach, then dashes into the hammock
before trotting back to me, with a smile on his face.

Bad dog.

Safe dog, thank God.

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