Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who Turned the Lights out?

Allen is feeding the dogs and spills their food on the counter and, of
course, it rolls onto the floor and gets trapped in the rug. I'm
standing in front of an open freezer deciding what to do for dinner.
Suddenly, the lights, everything, go out. We are in darkness,
boondocking at Mill Casino in Coos Bay, OR. And it's getting cold
without the furnace on.

Allen grabs the emergency flood light and cranks up Otto's heater. We
crawl around on the floor, checking fuses, circuits, batteries. We
drag out manuals. We find nothing wrong. We crawl around on the floor
again, just to double check. It begins to rain. And it's getting colder.

We sit at the dining table and are perplexed. I stare at the door. I
remember a switch. The master switch. Down near the floor where the
doggies scrambled to dig their kibble out of the carpet. Could they
have thrown the master switch?



team cueva said...

... looks like you've been as busy as we've been ... no postings in awhile. how was your CHRISTmas? did you get to where you had to be on time? how's alfred feeling?

by the way ... love the story about the doggies turning out the lights. funny the things that can happen if we'd just get on our knees (& pray).

anyway... when are you coming back?


Libby said...

What a cute tale about the doggies and the dark!