Monday, July 2, 2007


PHOTO: When Baby bellows, Mamma listens, even if it means holding up tourists in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park is all it promises to be -- wild, wonderful, stunning and loaded with camera-toting tourist content with capturing the park's beauty in drive-bys more than hike-bys. And why not? The most sought-after sightings are of bison, and these giants tend to hang out by the roads anyway.

If you are interested, you can watch Old Faithful spurt.

My husband, Al, and I have a ton of pictures like this -- self-shot images of the two of us in vacation spots. Here we are in Yellowstone, with a beautiful back-county falls behind us.

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Kathyrn Gildea said...

Good Morning...

Well it took me long enough to find your blog. Thanks for the email to tell me where it was. I had to google you guys and thumb through 8 pages to find it.

It looks beautiful and seems as if you are having a wonderful time.

Thing here are GREAT. The kids and I are all wonderful. Abby can not wait to come see you guys....
Please give us a call from your cell. (570) 574 - 9136. WE love you both.
Maggie, Taylor, Zach, Abby