Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just passing through

Our Navion RV survived the Montana Rockies (above, with a smidgeon of Idaho in the picture, too) with aplomb! Not even a huff or a puff!

Interstate 90, our direct route to Seattle, is tedious in the Midwest. Exits provide a homogeneous blend of strip malls (with eye-rolling names like Black Hills Plaza and Mt. Rushmore Mall) and fast-food joints.

Once we crossed into Wyoming and Montana, that changed.

Many I-90 exits spilled us into yesterday, where dowtowns shared space with horse corrals and cowboys. These were no tourist traps. In fact, exit signs warned "no services." How delightful.

We're boondocking tonight in Post Falls, Idaho, in a WalMart lot with lots of other RVs.

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Laura said...

Hi Nancy -

Wow... what a view!